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With each artwork sold you will be supplied with a ball & socket mounting kit:
 1. Preparation: Super glue the ball mounts to the back of the artwork:
  • First lightly scuff where you plan to glue the mounts on the back of the artwork with sandpaper to help create more grip.
  • Glue the mounts on using the recommended super glue following (this has been tested and is specific to securing plastic to plastic and can be found at Bunnings).
  • Allow glue to dry for 24 hours to ensure it fully sets.  A good test is to try and move the mounts.  If they stay firmly in place they are ready to mount.










2. Hanging your artwork:

  • Brush a little paint or nail polish onto the spike on the tip of the ball mount.
  • Line up with wall in the position you are happy with then push the artwork with mounts against the wall.
  • Put the print down and aside and these paint marks on the wall will now guide you where to screw the corresponding white socket clips to the wall.
  • Place the screw down inside the socket clip and screw into the wall directly onto each paint mark.
  • Once clips are screwed in, artwork can be clipped into place.
  • Give a light bang with the base of your palm to ensure each clip is fully locked into the corresponding socket.


A video showing the steps can be found on our Instagram page, stories for a video.

We recommend consulting a qualified builder before installing.