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What to look for when buying Outdoor Artwork.

When you are buying outdoor art to brighten up the exterior of your home it is important that you choose good quality art that is intended for use outside.  Following are some points to keep in mind..


Choice of Materials.

Your outside wall art should be made from a material that can withstand exposure to the elements. This usually means plastic, stone, metal or wood. Keep in mind that your outdoor art is going to be exposed to the sun, wind, rain and maybe even snow, so fabrics and paper are not a good choice.


Choose Weatherproof Art.

It is not enough to simply choose the appropriate material. You also need to make sure that you are buying weatherproof art to hang in your garden. Some paints and other finishes will begin to fade or peel after being exposed to the elements for an extended period of time. Make sure that any outdoor wall art that you are purchasing is weatherproof. All of the artwork that we sell here at Just A Little Bit Cool is made from a compressed foam board that repels moisture so it will not warp, swell, crack or rot and each print is laminated to protect against weather damage and colour degradation so that you can be sure it will stand up to exposure. 


Durability is Important.

Strong winds and storms can easily damage outdoor artwork so it is important that a strong material is used. In addition to the hard compressed foam boards we use, Just A Little Bit Cool outdoor artwork is all supplied with a specialist mounting kit that firmly fixes the artwork to the wall or fence which makes it less likely to be buffeted around and damaged.


And remember to find the right balance…

Adding some outdoor garden art can be a really great way to brighten up your outdoor space. However, it can also be very easy to go over the top. How often have you been out walking in your neighbourhood when you come across that garden that makes you stop and stare – and not in a good way. You know the ones that are overflowing with ornaments and lights and all sorts of garden artwork! Those people have just gone a little to far with their outdoor décor. It is important to find just the right balance with your outdoor garden art so that it compliments the space, not overwhelm the plants and trees. 


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