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Take Your Outdoor Living Space from Winter to Spring!

The weather is finally warming up, which means it’s time for a spring update for your outdoor living spaces. With a bit of simple maintenance and some fresh décor, your outdoor areas can go from winter drab to spring fab!


The cold temperatures of winter are slowly losing their bite, our days are getting longer and the sun is shining more brightly. Spring is here—but is your outdoor space ready?  Following we guide you through the recommended steps you'll need to transition from the colder months to ensure your outdoor space is ready for entertaining this Spring/Summer season.

Spring Cleaning
Before starting on your spring update, there is some light maintenance that may need to be done.

  • Start by cleaning your gutters out. Use a garden hose to make the process less messy & check your roof while you're up the ladder.

  • Water blast your home, deck and paths to get rid of dirt and mould that may have built up over the colder months.

  • Touch up the paint around your home’s exterior to ensure it is vibrant. You would be surprised by how much repainting & restaining your house, doors, fence, deck & outdoor furniture will make everything feel new again.

Outdoor Furniture

If it’s within your budget, upgrade all your outdoor furniture at once. Alternatively, just start with the pieces you use the most. If you're going to use your area for dining more, look for a new outdoor dining set that continues with the style of your home. Or, if you plan to do more lounging al fresco than eating, update your outdoor sofa and chairs.

Furniture made from weather-resistant materials like teak, aluminium or specialty outdoor synthetics is preferable because, although winter is on its way out, there could still be some spring rains to deal with. Living under the power of the NZ sun, you’ll also want furniture that can resist damage from our UV rays.


Planters are great because they add design detail and dimension to an outdoor space without too much commitment. You can go simple and neutral or make a statement with a colourful display.

Outdoor Artwork

Outdoor artwork is another great way to add depth and texture to your living space. If you already have lots of plants in your space, utilise a statement piece of artwork to create the ultimate wow factor.

  • Decor for your living space - Outdoor living and entertaining is a huge part of our identity, so it makes sense to want your living spaces to look nice for when guests come over. One of the ways that you can do this is to hang some artwork. Most of the time the outdoor living area will start from one wall of the house, so the artwork could be hung there or you could think about attaching it to a fence - there are plenty of options.

  • As a feature at your entrance - sometimes, walking up the path to the front door of a house is a little boring. Especially if it is in one of those areas where every house in the street is a cookie cutter copy of its neighbour. Why not give your front entrance a pop of personality by adding some wall art next to the front door. This will add a little interest to an otherwise plain area and can help your home to feel just a little bit more unique.


Also Consider

  • You can brighten your outdoor area by installing powered or solar lights in your landscaping, on the perimeter of your patio or on your fence. A well-lit living area will create ambiance and extend the use of your outdoor living space after the sun goes down.

  • If your outdoor area needs more sun coverage, find a shade option that fits your exterior, in size as well as style and colour.

  • Another fun update (and usually required after a NZ summer) is outdoor cushions. They can add a pop of colour and softness and can be easily changed out as needed.


Your outdoor spaces deserve just as much attention as the rooms inside your home.  An outdoor living space bridges the divide between interior and exterior, can be alfresco with a barbecue or a relaxation destination.  Get your outdoor living space summer ready now!

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