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Our Collaboration with Artist Anna Mollekin



I live in the beautiful Hobsonville Point, Auckland with my husband and two children. We have been here around four years now and it really feels like home.



I love spending time in nature with my family in Port Charles on the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand. My family is from this region, and I have spent most holidays in the area since I was born. From dirt roads, minimal Wi-Fi connection & mobile coverage, native bush, Tuis, beaches and family, it is most definitely my happy place and a slice of New Zealand paradise



Working in ink pen creating mindful drawings. I find it so relaxing and free. It is so good for me to have a break from modern technology and get back to the basic art tangible tools. With me this is where the creative magic happens.


My family and friends. They are everything to me. My husband and children are most definitely my "why" in life and business. They ignite my fire and drive me in my pursuit of achieving my artistic career goals.



My favourite music genre is alternative rock music 70s-90s. It's so nostalgic jammed packed with memories. I listen to Spotify when I create my digital artwork and listen to the same playlists throughout working on an entire collection.



I don't have one favourite artist as I love all types of art however I have been influenced by Pop Artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. I fell in love with pop art aesthetics when I studied it in Art History at high school. From the use of the benday dot and bold contrasts of black and lines, it inspired me and ignited a passion for exploring these attributes in my own artwork. This also transcended into my love and passion for different printing processes and reproduction traits on different substrates during my PrintNZ apprenticeship.

Another artist that has inspired me is the amazing Andy Goldsworthy an Ephemeral Artist. He creates sculptures outdoors from natural materials found at the site from stones, wood, water, to ice and leaves.


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