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Our Collaboration with Artist Angie Dennis



I have been enjoying getting to know better, and sharing with you more about the personality and drive behind our collaborating New Zealand Artists. This month I caught up with established Auckland artist Angie Dennis who has been painting professionally since 2002. 



I live in Auckland with my husband Pat, our teenagers Chloe & Thomas and 2 dogs Eadie and Tasha who used to be on the Guide Dog programme.  I always wanted to work with animals so I decided to volunteer as a Puppy Walker for Guide Dogs for the blind, such a worthy charity if anyone wants to considers it!



Being outdoors and hiking with Pat and the dogs. Mt Eden is our most regular, then we might head to Te Henga walkway out west or Bethalls beach on the weekend.


Easily pleased with..

Outdoor fires, a nice big glass of wine and some good music!


Can't live without..

My family - as much as I love my job, it's very different to painting as a hobby. Putting my artwork out there in the public domain can be a bit exposing as each piece I create is so personal to me.  Without Pat and the kids to ground me I wouldn't be able to do it - my piece "Anchor You" is all about them. 


Favourite artist / most influenced by..

Vincent Van Gogh - I love his use of colour, composition and remember studying him at school and learning about his struggle of finding happiness and the meaning of life.  I always remember my art teacher suggesting how he used a lot of yellow which is a colour resembling friendship.


Something I live by..

Be kind and try not to be judgemental - you just don't know what someone is going through and it's so easy to make incorrect assumptions.  


What don't people know about you..

I studied Ecotoxicology and Zoology at University - I absolutely love the environment and animals but things just didn't work out on the career front. So 18 years ago I changed course to start working on the art side of things.  So I'm always saying to Chloe and Thomas that nothing is final in terms of career - you can always adapt and change just try and do something you love and then you won't notice being at work!



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