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Level Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Your outdoor spaces deserve just as much attention as the rooms inside your home.  An outdoor living space bridges the divide between interior and exterior, can be alfresco with a barbecue or a relaxation destination and with smaller block sizes, the trend for outdoor rooms is a modern solution for modern homes. With the inclusion of some outdoor artwork, you can take your backyard from boring to beautiful. 

Here are some of our tips to level up your outdoor living space with artwork: 

Mix it up 
Don’t be too concerned about trying to match your outdoor art with the style of your garden. The art you live with should be what resonates with you, not something chosen to match your plantings or patio furniture. Focus on how the piece will work in your outdoor environment, rather than been driven by a single design theme.

Site it right
Where will the work go? To gain maximum pleasure from the art you love, place it in a spot you view often, or to achieve maximum impact each time you encounter the piece. Large pieces in a prominent spot can be viewed through the windows of your home, while smaller pieces may best be appreciated tucked next to places where you sit or walk past.

Think of the big picture
For important pieces, consider reshaping your outdoor area to best show off the work. Clearing out a special area, or creating a path leading up to the work, may be effective ways to draw attention to your special piece.

Light at night 
If you plan to install the work in an area visible at night, consider whether you may wish to light the work. 

I hope this has inspired you to review your outdoor living space and get it ready for a long summer. 



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